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If your child returned home with a report card filled with teacher’s comments and lower-than-expected grades, The Tutoring Center,  Dubai UAE has prepared a great post which aims to help.

A Teacher’s Comments

Teachers are in the best position to identify any learning challenges and struggles a student is facing, and along with helping them throughout the year, the comments and helpful feedback often make their way into a child’s end-of-year report card which can be used to help you help your child over the break. For example, if reading is your child’s struggle area:
  • While preparing dinner, ask your students to read you the daily mail, including any marketing material.
  • Place notes on your child’s snacks with words they need to read and use in a sentence before enjoying their snack.
  • Take your child to the bookstore and have them pick out any book they are interested in, and spend the day reading with them at the park.
Small instances like the ones above are great platforms for lessons, such as the marketing material exposing your child to a broader range of vocabulary and sentence structure while reading material of their choice introduces them to a range of writing styles which aren’t textbook related and which all help to improve a child’s reading proficiency. Of course, if your child struggles in a different subject, adapt these tips or continue on and look for new ways to introduce learning into your child’s day.

Tutoring in Dubai Can Help Your Child Prepare

If your child needs a little more help than you can provide, whether due to time limits or the fact that modern lessons are difficult for parents to understand and assist with, Tutoring In Dubai is the answer. To find out more, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Dubai UAE by calling (+971) 04 558 6211.


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