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Factors in a Classroom That Can Obstruct Learning

Tutoring can help your child succeed by allow them to learn in a more unique manner,  practice what they learn in school and improve on it greatly. Today at the Tutoring Center in Dubai we want to talk about some factors that may be affecting your child´s learning in the classroom.

Tutoring Can Help Your Child Learn Regardless of Other Factors

There are many factors in school that are obstructing your child from learning. Most of these factors are not factors that can be completely eliminated or dealt with in a school environment because they come with the territory. However there is plenty that you can do to help your children succeed in their studies regardless of any obstacles. One of the best ways to help your child overcome most learning obstacles is through tutoring. Tutoring provides many advantages that will allow your child to thrive.

Unlike in School the Environment in a Tutoring Center Is Better Controlled

Sometimes schools do not provide the most adequate environment in regards to the ambient.  Whether it is a noisy window that can easily distract or the air conditioner, every aspect of the environment can severely affect the ability to learn, specially in children that are more sensitive to distractions. We know from first hand experience just how negatively these kinds of factors can affect a child. The air conditioner that is blasted in the very hot summer months can truly disrupt a child and their health when they go outside and experience the abrupt changes from cold to hot and back and forth. This can cause the child to have difficulty paying attention because their nervous system is silently but greatly affecting the brain function needed to concentrate.

The Individualized Attention in Tutoring Allows Better Concentration

Another important distraction that cannot be removed from the school classroom, is other children that may cause distractions.  Children that are very talkative or that do not pay attention are also distraction triggers for the rest of the class, causing many students to also be distracted and not be able to concentrate on the lesson. Some children are always moving and fidgeting or tend to be hyperactive, this may affect the rest of the class or at least a few other students. The behavior of the other children can greatly affect the learning outcome of other students and this is a factor that plays a role in all schools.

Tutoring Provides the Best Environment for Learning

These and other small distractions that can target a child from many angles accumulate, causing a difficulty for learning. That is why it is best that learning be complemented with tutoring where the environment is better controlled and adequately adapted to your child's needs. To find out more on how you can truly help your child learn and advance in their studies contact us today.

More Personal Attention Through Tutoring

In large groups it is very hard to get the special attention that your child may need in regards to a specific set of doubts that may be troubling him or her. This is due to the fact that there are so many kids, that it is hard to get through any subject and have time to answer each and every single question, doubt or misunderstanding that every child has. As a result, many kids stop trying to get answers since they realize there is just not enough time and opportunity given to provide to them.

Tutoring for a More Successful Variety in Teaching Methods

When there is no variety in the learning methods exposed, some of the children may benefit because they are well adapted to that specific learning style, but others may suffer because they are not that great at learning in that way. For example when teachers base most of their teaching methods on lecturing and auditory explanations, children that are auditory learners and that learn best through listening will thrive in this environment. However, a child that does best with visual learning may do poorly, not because they do not have the capacity to learn but because the information is not displayed in a way the child can best grasp it. Most children need a blend of all learning styles to best understand the material. To learn more about the three different learning styles visit our previous post here.

The Best Tutoring in Dubai

Tutoring can help your child progress faster in any learning environment. It provides your child with the learning tools and resources to meet his or her specific needs. We provide the best tutoring in Dubai, our teaching methods promote learning in a fun and efficient way. Let your child experience the many advantages of tutoring, call  (+971) 04 558 6211 now.


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