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Tutoring to Improve Working Memory and Enhance Learning

One important condition for learning better is to have a good working memory as this is what allows us to translate information into productive results. That is why today we want to discuss how tutoring and other learning activities can facilitate and improve the brain´s ability to increase working memory capacity.

A Good Working Memory Is Important

The working memory is highly important because we need it in order to complete all sorts of assignments, even those that are not exactly academic related. We need to remember the order of things, events, where things go, and how to place them in the right spot. We work with the information we obtain to know what action steps to take in order to ensure that the job gets done correctly. Not having a strong working memory results in a troublesome situations where children struggle to mentally attach the information needed for further use, and therefore, have difficulty learning and fully understanding what is being taught.

The Role of the Working Memory

In relation to school subjects, a good working memory promotes easier completion of assignments, tasks, problem-solving, and even structuring of events for proper manipulation. In relation to everyday tasks, a good working memory facilitates putting things away in the right spot, descriptively retelling events, as well as organizing bookshelves and other areas. Basically, the working memory is used quite often, but if it is not in the best conditions it may cause difficulties. There are many problems that can be caused by a lack of working memory proficiency. It is best that these problems be detected early on so they can be addressed sooner and more efficiently. Tutoring can help improve working memory abilities along with learning and study skills. Contact The Tutoring Center Dubai2 in The Sustainable City and find out more about our extensive benefits and services. Don't forget to ask about our academic programs and how they can help your child reach their academic potential. Give us a call and schedule your free consultation today!

Problems Caused by a Low Working Memory and How to Deal With Them

  • Great difficulty paying attention. There is an important connection between the working memory and the brain´s ability to concentrate. The area of the brain in charge of working memory functions is also responsible for the capacity to focus. Completing a jigsaw puzzle or even coloring an entire coloring page are good ways to get children started on strengthening their ability to focus and concentrate.
  • Significant struggle in math. Math can be one of the more difficult subjects for many students, but it can become an even greater struggle for students that face working memory problems. Math requires constant capturing of data for continuous use while computing mental calculations and recalling formulas or equations. Word problems seem to be especially tricky without a strong working memory. Since word problems tend to provide more detailed information in a non-equation format, there is a greater need for the right information to be detected, established, and retrieved while recalling the adequate formula that needs to be used in order to find the answer. Use card games such as UNO or Crazy Eights to develop better working memory skills and improve math abilities. To learn more about instilling better math skills in your child, read our previous post here.
  • Low reading comprehension. When the working memory is not at its best it can also cause reading comprehension problems. It may become more and more difficult to retain the previous information about a story and continue to add more ongoing information as the plot develops. This makes it very hard for students with low working memory to summarize or even recall all the important events of the story. To practice and improve this, ask your child to retell a story or their day using as many details as possible to describe the order of events. Constantly forcing the mind to retrieve as many details of an event as possible will make it more agile in doing so.

Higher Working Memory With the Best Learning Center for Tutoring

Overall, a good working memory is of great importance and is not just needed for academic growth, it is required for a healthy, more satisfactory daily life. Allow your child to properly develop this and many other crucial learning skills with tutoring in Dubai. Call us at (+971) 04 558 6211 to get started with your free diagnostic assessment today. Don't forget to check out our academic programs and ask about our one-to-one tutoring approach.


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