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How to Assist Your Child in Their Goal-Setting Journey This Year

With all the excitement of the new year and everyone talking about their New Year's resolution, now is the time to start encouraging your child to create goals and to get into the habit of achieving them. That is why we want to share a few words of advice that will help you guide your child towards setting better academic goals this year.


Help your child start working on their academic goals, the SMART way. That means that in order for a goal to be effective it needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. If a goal is not specific it will be confusing to know whether you can reach it or not. If it isn't measurable, you won't know how far you are from reaching it. If it isn't attainable or relevant it will be hard to stick to, and it will be easy to get discouraged. Lastly, making a goal timely ensures that it gets completed and that you work hard to meet it by that time frame.

Support and Accountability

It is also important that you help your child stay accountable and that they obtain the help and support they need to reach their academic goals. Tutoring is a great way to provide your child with the support, guidance, and accountability that they need to reach their goals and higher academic aspirations.

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