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Easy Ways to Increase the Quality of Notes

Note taking is a great skill for every student to have, and can be the difference between a productive study session and one that is spent flicking through numerous books and pages searching for information. If you have recently looked through your child's notebook and felt like they could organize it better, The Tutoring Center, Dubai (Business Bay) has just the post to help.

Keep Subjects Separate

In the interest of minimizing the number of books they need to carry around, students often combine notes from different subjects into one notebook. As convenient as this may be, it makes finding the right notes efficiently a challenge. To make accessing written notes easier, encourage your child to use a separate notebook for each subject. To make it even easier, assign each topic with a color and decorate each notebook accordingly.

Strength in Numbers

If there is an upcoming group lecture, encourage your child to speak with their classmates to form a note-taking group. Assign each member a certain aspect of the lecture to pay particular attention to. For example,One student could focus on important names.One student can ensure they record all dates correctly.One student can record detailed information about contextual examples.

Make Them Accessible

A common situation faced by students is where they have a spark of brilliance when a specific portion of a lecture makes perfect sense. However, these situations don't always occur when they have their notebooks closeby. To overcome this, consider moving notes to an online note taking service. Instead of these moments going to waste, students can quickly take out their cell or laptop, access their notes, and make any changes or additions they need. If your child benefits from tutoring this also allows them to show their tutor the notes taken during the day without remembering to take the correct notebook with them.

Help Your Child Improve Their Grades With Tutoring

Taking quality notes is a great way to increase the effectiveness of study and revision time, and is a great complement to formal tutoring. If you are interested in helping your child improve their grades, speak with The Tutoring Center, Dubai (Business Bay) at (+971) 04 558 6211 about the benefits of our "Geniuses in Training" programs. Delivered through one-to-one instruction, children are provided with the attention they need in a comfortable learning environment.


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