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How to Identify Learning Styles

One of the challenges of being an educator is knowing how to identify and properly appeal to each student's particular learning style.  Not all students are created equal--what works perfectly for one may not resonate at all with another.  In order for students to learn at the highest level possible, it's important that their educators offer them a teaching style that jibes with their learning style.  Today we will review the three main learning styles and what they're about.

The Visual Learner

Visual learning is based on seeing.  This type of learner needs tovisualize things in order to understand them.  Their preference is to associate classroom materials with specific images in order to effectively process and store them.

The Auditory Learner

Auditory learning is based on listening.  Hearing and speaking are the hallmarks of this learning style, and it's in that way that this learner prefers to receive information.  Through listening and repeating, the auditory learner assimilates and stores new information.

The Kinesthetic Learner

Kinesthetic learning occurs through physical activities and the learner being able to take a hands-on approach.  Watching demonstrations or listening to lectures will not be as effective for this learner--he or she must learn by doing.

Why Are Learning Styles Important?

The type of learning style utilized by your child is important because it dictates what type of corresponding teaching style will be most effective for them.

Tutoring in Dubai

At the Tutoring Center in Dubai, we offer a Free Diagnostic Assessment to all students.  This can help us individualize a plan, and ensure that the one-to-one instruction delivered by our professional educators is customized to the specific learning style of your child.  Give us a call today at (+971) 04 558 6211 to discuss more.


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