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Improving Your Child's Vocabulary and Spelling

Vocabulary and spelling are a very important part of your child's education. Throughout your child's academic experience, vocabulary and spelling will be a critical aspect. During elementary school, your child may have to compile vocabulary lists from assigned books or be asked to write sentences using assigned vocabulary words. Your child will probably have to take spelling tests. As your child progresses through middle school and into high school, vocabulary and spelling become important when he or she has writing assignments.

Increase Vocabulary

Here are vocabulary tips from The Tutoring Center Dubai:

  • Ask 'Do you know what this means' when your child reads an unfamiliar word.
  • Talk to your child about many different things using new words.
  • Take your child to different places. Talk about what you see.
  • Explain everyday activities using the special vocabulary specifically associated with such activities.
  • Play games involving vocabulary, such as Scrabble, Boggle, Charades, and Crosswords. Ignore the rules on the game's box and keep a dictionary on hand for looking up new words before and during play.
  • Play word games everywhere, including naming and rhyming games.

Improve Spelling

Students look at spelling as a tedious subject which involves rewriting a single word numerous times or having to struggle to come up with sentences.

Spelling can be fun with these activities:

  • Talk with your child often. Good spellers need good verbal skills.
  • Let your child write stories about favorite subjects.
  • Help your child write letters to relatives or friends.
  • Help your child trace the words in a book or on paper.
  • Use finger paints to write out words.
  • Play with magnetic letters on your refrigerator or another magnetic surface.

Tutoring in Dubai

For help with challenge subjects spelling and vocabulary, call (+971) 04 558 6211 to speak to a professional at The Tutoring Center Dubai. Offering the best tutoring In Dubai and academic programs like "Geniuses in Training", The Tutoring Center Dubai is your the key to your child's academic achievement and future success.


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