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Welcome to our new website and thank you for visiting our blog! As a first topic to address, we at The Tutoring Center in Dubai will address strategies to help your child with reading comprehension.

Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension at Home

Set the Example

You are your child's primary teacher. Make sure you set a good example by reading. Having books at home encourages reading, so build a solid library. If your child sees you turn off the TV and take reading seriously, she will follow suit.

Do Your Homework

Before reading a book with your child, read it yourself. Be prepared to respond to questions that may arise and to explain words and concepts your child may not know or understand. Discuss the book topic with your child beforehand, or maybe take her on a field trip to illustrate the book's subject area.

Child Teacher

Have your child teach you while you are reading together. Ask why events have occurred and what will happen next. Your child will love the opportunity to reverse roles. Take turns asking and responding to questions to keep the child engaged and to gauge her comprehension of the text.

Keep It Fun

When children have fun while learning, they are more likely to become self-motivated learners. Read books that are of interest to your child so that she stays involved. If she likes scary stories or science fiction, keep a surplus of those genres readily available.

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