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Writing by Hand Will Nurture Your Children's Abilities

This skill encourages coordination between different organs such as the eyes, brain, hands, and other sections of the brain. Eventually, your children will be able to process new information as they write, which typing on a keyboard can't offer. So, The Tutoring Center, Dubai, will list a couple of advantages of writing by hand.


When you show them to write by hand with the right calligraphy and spacing between every word, they'll boost their coordination. Also, this will help students identify, sum up and extract the most relevant information from any text, which is a fundamental part of the learning process.

Ease of Knowledge

With more brain areas involved in the hand's movement, focus reaches its peak when people write by hand, influencing and stimulating memory.

Improves Prose

Those who practice it become better writers because they work with different words, linking ideas with others. Truman Capote and Susan Sontag, for example, wrote their masterworks by hand. Plus, distractions are avoided, promoting a greater sense of focus, as writing by hand activates more brain and body areas.

Brain Activation

A healthy brain remains active over the years through a couple of exercises that train and awakens the mind. If you want your children to benefit from all the advantages of handwriting and get the learning tools they need to overcome all their challenges, contact your learning center and request tutoring in Dubai.

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