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If you're struggling with your studies, keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Dubai, and you'll discover more than one approach to benefit from this habit and overcome your academic challenges!

Reading Comprehension

Reading correctly and paying attention are essential factors to understand any text, books, and academic documents. Remember, if you want to assimilate any lesson, you need to understand it first. For this, it's crucial to perform two types of reading:
  • Pre-reading: basically skimming through. It serves as a quick exploration of the text and will help you get familiar with it before delving into the lesson.
  • Comprehensive reading: a second reading in which you have to read carefully and understand each paragraph. Smoothing the assimilation process and internalizing the ideas of the text.

Interpretation and Amplification

Once the topic is understood, select the relevant information, meaning the text's primary and secondary ideas. You can do this by using the underlining technique. Next, to understand the lesson better, it's advisable to interpret the most critical information by writing down an explanation for each of its concepts, with the help of a:
  • Scheme
  • Summary
  • Mind map

Memorization and Evaluation

Amassing knowledge by sole memorization requires a tremendous amount of effort. You can relieve this stress by using reminiscential tricks to expedite memorization. Also, don't forget to take breaks in-between to relax and concentrate better.

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