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Learning and memorization are not exactly the same thing, however, they are both important in all areas of our lives and even more so in academic areas. This is why today we want to further discuss the differences between the two and the importance of each one. We will also mention some factors that can affect learning, memorization and study skills.

Study Habits Make a Difference

Instilling good study skills in a child will facilitate their role as a student and allow them to perform better academically. Some examples of good study habits include: not procrastinating, having a set place and time for homework, having a study routine and being goal oriented. All of these are habits that need to be practiced and learned through consistency. It is best to start building good study habits at a young age but it is never too late to start.

Learning Vs. Memorization

When we refer to learning we are talking about the complete form of processing and absorbing information in a long term manner that allows us to understand, apply and utilize the information. Learning not only includes being able to comprehend the material but also being capable of adequately transferring that knowledge into different areas. Memorization, on the other hand, does not always require full comprehension of the material, but it does require being able to recall and state the information. Both learning and memorization are important because learning may be more substantial and ideal for a better education whereas memory skills play a great role in our education system and in our ability to improve learning. There are different types of memory abilities that need to be worked on such as memory-visual-spatial memory and auditory memory, but today we want to focus on memorization in general.

Factors that Affect the Ability to Learn and Memorize

Several factors affect the brain´s ability to learn and memorize. We know that nutrition plays an incredibly important role in a child´s ability to learn as well as sleep, but studies prove that both sleeping and exercise are not just important for learning but also have a close connection to the brain´s ability to memorize. Complete and balanced meals that are not full of sugar but rather rich in omegas and proteins will go a long way in improving a child´s ability to learn. Not only do nutritious meals fuel the body and brain, they also ease the internal anxiety that can distract children not allowing them to focus and pay attention to the lesson.

Improve Learning and Memory Abilities With Tutoring

It is important to help your child improve their learning and study skills along with memorization abilities. While nourishing meals may assist in the process, feeding your child well is not always enough. Get them professional assistance for better learning and more enhanced study skills. Both learning and memory skills are necessary for every subject and most life situations, but not all students have the natural ability to grasp information. The good news is that these are skills and abilities that can be acquired, and therefore, need to be learned and practiced. Tutoring allows students to be better equipped with the right tools and techniques for success in all areas. The Tutoring Center in TARGET is the most effective learning center around. Take advantage of our academic programs that offer true enrichment techniques and better learning structures.  Learn more about us, and enroll your child today.

Exercise and Sleep Also Affect the Ability to Memorize

Extensive research has been done to study the effects of exercise on the brain. Some studies have shown that in persons that carry out regular exercise, the sections of the brain in charge of memorization, which is the prefrontal and medial temporal cortex, is greater than in those individuals that do not have constant physical activity. Also, sleep is directly associated with memorization. It is during our sleep that our brain is able to recover all of the information it captured throughout the day and store it into a more long-term area for easier recall. If a child does not get the enough quality sleep each night, his/her ability to remember information will be reduced. Keeping all of these factors in mind and helping your child through all of them is important for better results in both their learning abilities and memory capacity.

Strong Memory and Enhanced Learning With Tutoring in Dubai

The Tutoring Center near Dubai not only helps students achieve better learning abilities, it also focuses on any areas they might struggle with, helping them strengthen their already strong points while building up and improving other academic areas that need reinforcement. Improve your child's education through tutoring, call us at  (+971) 04 558 6211 today.


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