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Mathematics Memory Is a Great Game You Can Play at Home

If you were to ask your child to tell you about the fun lessons they learned at school, it’s likely that they would tell you about their science class where they made a brightly colored foam or their physical education class where they were able to run around and kick balls. What they wouldn’t tell you about is their math class. Not because they don’t enjoy the lessons or gain rewards from them, but simply because subjects like math can’t compare to science and P.E. While it may be a little unreasonable to expect their math teacher to find games for students to play each lesson, it isn’t all that unreasonable to ask that of a parent. The Tutoring Center, Dubai has information about a great way you can do just that! If you want to get involved in your child’s learning, below is a great math game you can all play!

Play Mathematics Memory

  • Start by cutting out 20 pieces of paper or card. The size of a playing card will be good.
  • On one side of 10 of the cards, write a math question which has seen significant struggle recently.
  • On the back of each question card, mark a small dot.
  • On one side of the other 10 cards, write a corresponding answer from the question cards.
  • Now, give them a shuffle and place them in neat rows on the table with the information facing up.
  • Allow everybody (including yourself) 10 seconds to look at the cards before flipping them all over and starting the game!
Each person now gets to take turns flipping over a question card and, before looking for the match, has to complete the math question in around 10 seconds. If they can’t, the turn moves to the next person. Not only is this a fun way to get everybody laughing while learning, it is also an activity which can grow with your student. For example, as their learning increases, so too can the complexity of the information on the cards.

Tutoring in Dubai Works

When it comes to teaching your children in a fun way, this is a great game which is sure to be a hit! If, through playing the game, you notice that your child struggles with a particular set of questions, take note and speak with The Tutoring Center, Dubai at (+971) 04 558 6211 to learn how one-on-one tutoring in Dubai can help.


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