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Parents already know the advantages that art can give to children, but it can come in handy during quarantine if you're looking for healthy entertainment. Keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Dubai to learn more!

Provide Art Supplies

You can leave material for them to draw or paint in their room, such as colored pencils, watercolors, and markers for them to draw and doodle on paper. They'll feel freer to express themselves and ultimately, develop their creativity and motivation.


Performing is an excellent way to showcase their emotions and creativity; and it's a great way to spend family time. Plus, theater encourages their creativity and their ability to coordinate with others.

Don't Forget to Stay Active

Most children love to dance and listen to music and you can encourage this from home. If you wish your children to stay active at home, you could start playing a couple of videos on YouTube with the choreography to their favorite songs to keep them entertained. It's a great way to exercise at home and strengthen their muscles while they try to keep up with the dance moves. Children will feel happier and relaxed afterward.

Academic Tutoring in Dubai

Give your child the academic support they need with tutoring in Dubai. Get familiar with their academic programs at The Tutoring Center, Dubai, and help your children get back on track. To learn more about these, give their learning center a call at (+971) 04 558 6211Don't forget to ask about your free diagnostic assessment.


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