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Identifying a Verbal Learner and Helping With Their Homework

There is no doubt that the traditional and current teaching method of addressing a class full of students with both written and verbal lessons is effective. However, this doesn’t mean that it is the most effective for all students taking the lesson. Below is some information from The Tutoring Center of Dubai on the traits of a verbal learner and how you can adjust your homework help style to improve their studying. Unlike other common learning styles, the traits of a verbal learner are, well...heard. For example:
  • You can’t remember the last time that your child read a book without speaking every word.
  • After you tell your youngster instructions they always repeat them back to you.
  • You once saw them debating a math problem with the microwave.
As silly as the last one sounds, if your child is a verbal learner, then there is a good chance that the activity worked. A verbal learner understands lessons best when they can speak them aloud, either in discussion with their peers and classmates or even with a microwave or any object which acts as nothing more than a sounding board. If you suspect that your student prefers to learn with this style, consider adjusting your helping style:
  • If your youngster is struggling with a math problem, listen to them tell you about it. Even if you don’t understand a word that they are saying, simply looking back and giving them a face to speak to will force them to repeat themselves. This can be enough for them to hear their own mistake and correct it...while also speaking!
  • If possible, do your best to host group study sessions where your youngster and their friends can get loud and verbally debate the lesson and solutions without needing to keep their voices low.

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