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Help Your Youngster to Retain Valuable Lessons During the Summer Break

It almost sounds like a fun activity you and your family would enjoy at the park. Each of you slides down while magically learning new lessons. However, in reality, the summer learning slide is the opposite. The Tutoring Center of Dubai has more on the topic below.

What Is the Summer Learning Slide?

The summer learning slide occurs when a student takes a large break from their studies. During this time, their brain, not unlike a sponge when taken out of water, begins to leak important information: a historical date here, a math equation there, and so on. While it may seem insignificant, students need to spend valuable class time when the new school year starts relearning these lessons while simultaneously keeping up with what is being taught in the new school year.

How Can You Prevent It from Happening to Your Youngster

It’s important to remember that your student has earned their break from school and deserves time to enjoy the summer. For this reason, full-time summer school isn’t always the best option. Instead, consider some of these options:
  • A few one-to-one tutoring sessions a week with a trained learning professional is a great way to not only keep their knowledge from slipping but also improve it over the summer break.
  • Pop quizzes during times like a ride to the mall to pick up the groceries is another great idea, with a successful completion earning a treat from the candy aisle or choosing dinner for the night.
  • Simply reviewing their notes from the previous year, particularly those taken during a subject or lesson which posed a particular challenge, can help to bolster their learning during their time away from school.

Summer Tutoring in Dubai Can Work for Your Student!

When it comes to keeping your student’s knowledge where it belongs (in their brain), nothing beats tutoring in Dubai. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Dubai at (+971) 04 558 6211 to book your free initial diagnostic assessment and to learn more about how tutoring in Dubai can help your student.


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