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How to Give Your Child a Headstart in Math

We previously discussed a few of the reasons why math may seem to be one of the trickier subjects for students and how to eliminate some of these struggles. However, because math is an interesting and intricate subject, we feel the need to provide more information and dig a little deeper into how children can get the best head start in math from early on.

What a Child Needs to Get a Headstart in Math

There are certain strategies and foundations that need to be well grounded in order to truly overcome most math obstacles. When a child does not have a strong understanding of the basic terms and concepts then it is unlikely that they will be able to tackle the rest of the material in their math classes. That is why it is crucial that they fully learn their math facts and basic concepts and practice them often.

Tutoring Provides Strong Math Foundations and Improves Important Math Skills

At The Tutoring Center Dubai2, we help build strong bases and enhance the development of math strategies in the most effective manner. As we mentioned before, it is important to us that children learn through fun and interesting activities and our math curriculum is designed to help them do just that. From beginning levels to more advanced stages, we have the right program to help students overcome and surpass all math expectations. With our Geniuses in Training Program for children of young ages, they can start to strengthen the fundamentals of math. For older students, our different math programs can help them shape up and reinforce math skills that are crucial, allowing them to thrive and even get ahead. Be sure contact us today for extra math help for your children.

Some Examples of  Important Math Foundations

At a very early age, children start building math foundations such as  number recognition, comprehension of quantity, number meaning (number representation), and knowledge of operations. These are a few of the crucial math foundations that are developed very early on and can help ensure that children are ready to advance to more structural math concepts such as math facts. Comprehension of quantity is when a child recognizes that most things can be counted. Number recognition is understanding what numbers are in regards to telling them apart and knowing what amount they stand for. Understanding number representation is the ability to distinguish when a number is there to represent a certain amount or when it is indicating the order of things. Finally, when a child can comprehend that quantities can be increased or decreased by adding more or taking them away, they have knowledge of operations and can then continue to learn and memorize math facts.

What Are Math Facts and Why Are They Essential?

Math facts are the simple and basic operations that need to become second nature as children continue to reach higher levels of math. Math facts are usually basic number operations that can be memorized. Examples of this include addition math facts  4+1=5, subtraction math facts 7-2=5, division math facts 10/2=5, and multiplication math facts which are basically the times tables. It is important that children have a strong knowledge of these math facts because it will make their future math lessons much easier to comprehend.

How Does Memorizing Math Facts Help a Student?

By no means are math facts a magical solution to all math struggles, but they do eliminate much of the frustration that children face when they are introduced to longer more complicated operations and more developed terms. Having the basic math facts memorized will allow students to focus more on further comprehension of the higher level vocabulary and more intricate terms without having to worry about staying behind in the actual problem solving because they cannot calculate very basic terms quickly without a calculator. When a child has memorized most math facts and can easily answer these simple operations without giving them much thought, they will start to enjoy math and it will be easier and faster for them to complete harder more complicated equations.

The Best Learning Center for Tutoring

Make learning math fun, at The Tutoring Center Dubai2 in The Sustainable City, we provide students with fun and interesting ways to acquire better math skills, practice their math facts and learn the right techniques for better overall learning throughout their academic life. Do not wait for your child to be behind in math, give them a strong start with our Kindergarten Math Program, call us now at (+971) 04 558 6211 for tutoring in Dubai.


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