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Tips to Improve Your Child's Attention Span

As your child makes it through the school year, it is inevitable that they will come across challenging assignments. Difficult assignments   are especially hard for children to concentrate on and complete. However, there are ways you can help you child increase their attention span and get work done. The Tutoring Center, Dubai (The Sustainable City) has some useful ideas to help your child improve their concentration.

Take Some Breaks

If your child is working on a particularly difficult task, set aside some time for study breaks. Asking your child to work nonstop on a difficult assignment will wear them out and make things even more difficult to complete. Allow your child to take breaks from their work and relax for a few minutes. They can use their break time to head outdoors for a bit or have a healthy snack.

Change Things Up

If your child is bored with their work, changing things up can help them become more interested in what they're doing. If your child is reading, have them get up and move around as they read or ask them to act out some of the actions described. Find ways to relate their work to their interests. For example, if your child is fond of cars, incorporate cars into their math problems. Looking for dynamic ways to get assignments done will help your child stay focused on their work.

Participate in Physical Activities

If your child is having a hard time staying focused, it might be a good idea to head outdoors for some physical activity. Before jumping into homework time, have your child spend some time outdoors. Running around or playing with a ball will help them get rid of the extra energy that makes them restless and fidgety as they try to work.

Tutoring in Dubai

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