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Does Your Child's Report Card Show Low Grades?

If you have received your child's first report card for the school year and feel like the grades should have been higher, below is a post from  The Tutoring Center Dubai which can help.

Your Initial Reaction

The first thing which any parent is going to think when they open up a report card and see underwhelming grades is frustration and anger. After all, low grades are easily associated with a child who isn’t interested in their schooling or one who doesn’t pay attention or try in class. However, there is a wide range of causes for low grades which have nothing to do with a disinterested student.
  • Your child struggles to take high-quality notes during class which prevents them from studying thoroughly for exams and assignments.
  • It’s challenging to find enough time to complete all of their homework.
  • Their pencil-case is missing a few learning tools needed to complete each lesson.
  • Their new classes are a little bit more difficult than they were expecting.
While the list above is by no way an exhaustive one, it includes very solid causes for low grades, each of which can be addressed.
  • Teach them effective note-taking skills and techniques.
  • Help them to rearrange their schedule and routines to allow for more study time.
  • Make a trip to the stationary store and stock up on what they need.
  • Give them a helping hand with their homework each night.

Could They Benefit from Additional Help?

Parents can often struggle to provide their children with the level of homework help needed simply because modern lessons are far more complex than those learned years ago. However, there are other means.
  • Group study sessions at school during lunch can be a great way for students to learn from each other in an informal environment.
  • Look for alternative textbooks which present each lesson in a different and more relatable way.
  • One-to-one tutoring in Dubai gives your child a tutor who can devote each session to your child. This is especially beneficial for students whose teachers are limited with their time.

Tutoring in Dubai Can Work for Your Student

If your child needs more homework help than you can provide or they are struggling to keep up with their new classes, tutoring In Dubai can help. To find out more about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring in Dubai, speak with The Tutoring Center Dubai at (+971) 04 558 6211 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment. During your first visit, a trained learning professional can answer any questions you or your child has about how tutoring In Dubai can benefit their grades.


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