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Start to Promote Good Listening Habits at a Young Age

Every day, the number of students that struggle with listening skills is escalating. Many times, a students' main problem in the classroom is precisely this, a lack of good listening abilities. However, you can improve this by helping your child develop better listening skills at a young age, even as babies. Read on to find out more about how you can promote better listening skills at home.

Simple Things You Can Do to Promote Better Listening Skills

  • Talk, talk, talk. This is how small babies learn to talk themselves. Through listening to others talk and speak they are able to capture the words and later on imitate the process of saying them until they can speak the right combination of words to say what they want. However, the key to this is listening. The more you talk to your child at a younger age, the better they will be at listening.
  • Read stories out loud. Read stories out loud to your child, especially the ones that have no pictures or very few.  This allows them to develop a better imagination and focus more on using their thinking skills.
  • Watch an educational show together. Sit down with your child and watch educational television, such as Sesame Street or other child-focused learning programs, and talk about the show together. You can make small comments throughout it and encourage them to speak their thoughts about what they are watching. This lets you know that your child is paying attention and helps them learn to focus on what they listen to. It also allows them to learn better thinking-memory skills and to improve their listening and thinking process.

Correct and Enhance Listenings Skills and Learning Abilities with Tutoring in Dubai UAE

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