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Have a More Mentally and Physically Active Summer With Tutoring Near Bay, Dubai

Without the right encouragement, children tend to slack off during the summer. It is good to take a break and rest, but it is not right for children to stop learning altogether. Children need to be encouraged and pushed towards a brighter future. It all starts by not allowing your child to fall behind during the summer months. The steep knowledge regression that students experience during summer vacation can be prevented by actively promoting and inviting students to have a more mentally and physically active summer.

Summer Vacation Can Negatively Affect the Education of Your Child

During the summer, students can get behind in many academic areas. That's not all, they can also lose the knowledge they spent the school year learning. This knowledge constitutes an important learning foundation for the next school year. A summer learning loss then ends up affecting the entire education system because teachers need to spend much more time reviewing old material leading to a need to "re-teach" before moving onto new material. Sometimes the curriculum is so overwhelming that there is hardly any time for reviewing. This means that many students will fall further behind as the class advances.

Areas That Are Most Affected by the Summer Learning Loss

Math and reading are the two areas that are most predominantly affected by the summer learning loss. It is estimated that about two to three months of knowledge in math and reading are lost over the summer. When there is a lack of support and no active learning taking place, the summer learning loss starts to accumulate year after year. By the time a student reaches fifth grade he/she may be up to three years behind. All of this is a substantial problem that needs to be corrected immediately.

Tutoring Programs Are an Excellent Option for Preventing the Summer Learning Loss

The truth is that it doesn't take enormous heaps of effort to prevent a learning loss. Getting children involved in summer programs that promote active learning is a simple but efficient way to prevent learning loss. Tutoring is an excellent option because it helps students learn while eliminating previous doubts and struggles. It paves the way for better and higher level learning and equips students with necessary skills. At The Tutoring Center, Dubai we are always ready to help your child advance. Contact us now by filling out the form on this page.

Other Things You Can Do to Help Your Child Avoid a Summer Learning Regression

  • Read together. Practice makes perfect, and this is especially true when it comes to reading. Visit the library and ask about their summer programs. They usually have interesting and engaging summer programs that promote reading while rewarding students.

  • Play reading games. You can do this with any book. Ask your child to read their book out loud. Choose a "fun word"  that is repeated often in the story. Every time they read that word you have to do something, such as dance for 20 seconds, make funny faces, or any other random thing you both agree on. If you want, you can take this outside and read on the lawn with a bucket full of water balloons nearby. Every time the "fun word" is read out loud you must both race to try and reach a water balloon first. Whoever grabs a water balloon first gets to throw it at the other person.

  • Let them learn new skills. This summer, stimulate your child's creativity and let them seek out other skills. You can get them started in a new class or an activity centered around making art, crafts, or even get them to participate in sports.

  • Review math skills. Going over the math skills, formulas, and concepts learned in the previous school year is a good way to keep the information fresh in your child's brain so they don't forget it. Have a water balloon fight where the kids must first answer a math review question and if they don't answer quickly and correctly, they get attacked by everyone's water balloons. For more ideas on games that help improve working memory and math skills visit our previous post, here.

Summer Classes and Tutoring Near The Sustainable City, Dubai

Find a tutoring program that meets the needs of your child. Many tutoring places offer remedial services that focus on the areas that students are already behind in. At The Tutoring Center, Dubai we have the ideal Academic Program for every student. We offer help for students that are behind, for those that want to get ahead, and even skill enhancing programs that teach learning strategies to facilitate the academic life of students. Call us today at (+971) 04 558 6211 for more information.


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