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How to Help Your Child Improve Their Vocabulary Skills

Schools usually give out spelling lists and vocabulary building activities, but this is an area that requires a little more at-home effort in order to advance. Vocabulary needs to be practiced and learned through use, and that means students need to work on their vocabulary building abilities outside the classroom in order to see true progress. The following advice can help you work with your child to help them improve their vocabulary building abilities at home.

How to Help Your Child Practice Their Vocabulary at Home

  • Post your child's vocabulary lists at home. If your child receives vocabulary lists, make sure that you make a few copies and post them around the house in visible places.
  • Challenge your child to use words from their vocabulary lists as much as possible and place a sticker on their vocabulary list when they do. Get the whole family involved and even hold a contest every week to see who has the most stickers at the end.
  • Play games and activities focused on vocabulary building. There are many board games and card games that focus on vocabulary building. Others such as BINGO and Pictionary can be adapted to your child's vocabulary lists.

Help Your Child Improve This School Year with Tutoring in Dubai UAE

Helping your child build up their vocabulary makes it easier for them to understand more advanced terminology and vocabulary in all subjects, including math and science. If your child is struggling in these or any other school subjects, it is important to get them help. At The Tutoring Center, Dubai UAE (The Sustainable City) your child will receive the best tutoring support and assistance so that they can advance. Call (+971) 04 558 6211 right now and help your child improve their overall performance this school year.


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