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Make Some Time to Check in on Your Child's Goals

Now is the perfect time for parents to make some time to sit down with their children and check in on the progress being made to achieve the goals they set at the beginning of the school year. Below is a great article from The The Tutoring Center, Dubai to help parents make this conversation a productive one.

What Are Their Goals and Are They on Track?

If you are like most parents then there’s a good chance that your student never shared their goals with you at the start of the school year. The first step is to find out what their goals are, and write them on a notepad so you can easily track them during the remainder of the school year. Once you are aware of their goals, it’s time to find out whether or not they are on track to achieve them. It’s imperative that your child feels comfortable being honest with you during this conversation as they may not be likely to achieve all goals and they need to feel comfortable to tell you so. If there are some goals which your child isn’t on track to achieve, be sure that you are supportive and encouraging of the progress they have made.
  1. The best option is to help them make up the time that they have lost and get them back on track. This could mean something as simple as helping them adjust their routine to find extra study time or give them more homework help each night if needed.
  2. However, if it just isn’t realistic that they can reach each goal, don't be afraid to help them alter it. As an example, if they wanted to read a set number of books before the year ended, reduce the number or find smaller books.
Of course, it is preferable if they can make up the time and achieve the original goal, however, it’s better that they achieve something rather than simply give up.

Extra Goals

If your child can’t see any hurdles which will prevent them from reaching each of their goals and believes that they have additional time, don’t be afraid to add complementary goals. Using the reading example, if your child will finish a series of books, look for a smaller book by the same author which is connected with the series.

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