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Be Patient

Normally, children are feeling more sensitive, upset or vulnerable under confinement, so parents must aware of any odd signs to detect changes in their child's mood or behavior.  Also, parents have to let them know that this situation has an expiration date and although there are many aspects of it that people have no control, and therefore cannot change.

Make an Effort to Move On

This is a great moment to teach children about practicing acceptance when it comes to situations that are out of their control. Also, remind them that their actions can affect other people and facing any situation with resilience will make them feel better and lift the weight off their shoulders.

Make the Most out of This Experience

Quarantine is posing a huge challenge for everyone but seeing this through a lens of growth and learning will improve this time at home. Your children need the best version of their parents, especially now; focusing on what you have, instead of what you lack, at that moment could strengthen the family's sense of relief.

Remaining Active is Key

Watching TV all day is the worst way to spend quarantine, as this will backfire on your children's grades once they go back to school. Thus, it's important to keep the same productivity routine at home; besides, they are more likely to show anxiety symptoms if they keep on following their routines.

Academic Tutoring in Dubai

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