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To reach academic success, the student needs to set goals constantly and monitor their improvement. It's not enough to do it at the beginning or near the end of a school term.  Every day is an opportunity to do an assignment and to ask themselves what they want to achieve and learn each day. Of course, every goal should be personalized for each school subject, according to your child's learning needs and what they want to get from the knowledge gained. Here are some tips by The Tutoring Center, Dubai, that will be very useful to set goals for this school year and the following:

Identify Deficiencies

Before setting school goals, it's advised to start with a fair analysis of your child's results in each subject. These are some of the elements to take into account:
  • Grades: meaning how your child is doing on each assignment.
  • Interest: how interested are they in the subject? Do they find it challenging?
  • Utilization: do they feel that the knowledge acquired in their class has improved their school life in any way? Are they applying their expertise in that subject in other situations?
After answering these questions, organize every subject and assignment, starting with the most challenging and ending with the ones where your child feels more at ease. Lastly, it's important to emphasize that they should still set goals for subjects and tasks they're good at to keep up the excellent work.

If your child needs some direction in their learning experience, consider enrolling them in after school tutoring in Dubai to help them outperform their peers. Check the center's academic programs at The Tutoring Center, Dubai, to see which one could benefit your child. Request more information and book your free assessment at (+971) 04 558 6211.


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