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In the past few years, games have gained a lot of popularity because of the benefits they can bring students when used for educational purposes. Game-based learning enables students to improve their cognitive skills as well as develop their technical abilities. To learn about some of the benefits of game-based learning, read this article that The Tutoring Center, Dubai, UAE, has for you.

The Benefits of Game-Based Learning

Cognitive Growth

Learning through games requires students to use many skills simultaneously. In many games, in order to get to the next level students must use their logic, exercise their memory by remembering sequences and information, as well as use strategic thinking. Being faced with many challenges that need solving helps students develop strong problem solving skills as well as think creatively about different solutions.


Motivation is a crucial factor when it comes to learning. Motivated students usually have a better academic performance as well as a positive attitude towards study. Game-based learning is an innovative and exciting way to encourage students to be interested about the material they are learning as well as have fun while acquiring new skills.

Immediate Feedback

Learning through games has the advantage that students get immediate feedback and learn about the consequence of their choices. Different from school assignments, which usually take a day or a few days to give students feedback, game-based learning allows students to see right away the results of their efforts.

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