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How Tutoring Helps Improve Math Skills in Dubai

Contrary to what many believe, everyone and anyone can be good at math, it just requires the right guidance and hard work in order to improve and feel comfortable with the subject. That is why at The Tutoring Center in Dubai we want to discuss the most common reasons that students struggle in math and how tutoring can help eliminate them.

Top Reasons Students Struggle With Math

  1. Math Vocabulary. One of the main reasons students seem to have a hard time with math, is the fact that mathematical language utilizes vocabulary that is not commonly used or well known. Reviewing and memorizing math terms can greatly improve the ability to learn and properly comprehend the formulas and procedures that math requires. Having well-grounded background information on the words that are commonly used in math makes a significant difference and can greatly improve your child's math skills.
  2. Difficult pace. Many times a change in pace or a very fast paced math class can confuse and stop the student's ability to learn the mathematical material. This is also the problem when students are used to a certain teacher or way of pacing and then experience a faster and quicker paced form of instructions. It is important that the students or parents discuss with the teacher the options that are available to help improve comprehension. The teacher may be able to provide options to adjust the lesson or give useful suggestions on how to help the student be better prepared and more acquainted with the pace of the class.
  3. Poor Memorization Ability. This ties in with the first problem, poor memory skills can result in great difficulty comprehending math concepts. Math requires that the basic knowledge is well-grounded before moving on, and it builds on top of that basic knowledge and grows on it. This means that if the previous knowledge is not properly recalled, then it can be hard to understand the next level of concepts. Since many students lack the proper memory skills to remember all the previous information, they tend to struggle and become frustrated with the new concepts and ideas, leading to even greater irritation and even a complete blockage. This can make them dislike math and become so irritated with it, that they resolve they are simply not good at it and stop working hard to understand it.
  4. Lack of extra help. We all have areas we need extra help on, and obtaining that additional help can make a gigantic difference in our performance, and math is no exception. Tutoring provides adequate guidance and simpler explanations that adapt to each student's needs and makes them relate to the instructions so that it becomes easier to properly learn math. At the Tutoring Center in Dubai, we are deeply dedicated to providing the extra help that many students need in order to succeed. Contact us for more information on our powerfully productive math programs.
  5. Different Curriculum. In some cases, the curriculum that is being covered can greatly affect the student's ability to succeed in that area of math. This is very common in cases where the student has transferred schools or switched school districts to a school that uses a very different curriculum or is in a more advanced level, and the student is struggling to keep up. Some curriculum uses different approaches that may be unfamiliar to the child which can hinder their performance and ability to learn. Tutoring can also help students stay updated and become more comfortable with the curriculum through individual help and detailed attention in the areas that seem to be causing them problems.
  6. Difficult instructions. Sometimes students need a different approach in regards to the instructions and explanations of the math concepts, in order to help them make sense of the information. What may be easy to understand for one student may not make sense to another. Also, each student has a different way of thinking and comprehending the material, and may need an explanation that better fits their struggles.


Efficient Math Classes at the Tutoring Center in Dubai

Tutoring is the best way to eliminate student's frustrations and help them gain a better comprehension of any subject. It also instills a certain confidence in themselves and motivates them to continue working hard to improve. Make the most out of your tutoring session, and learn in a friendly and positive environment, at the Tutoring Center in Dubai. Call (+971) 04 558 6211 to schedule your free diagnostic assessment today.


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