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Enjoy What's Left of Summer

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the sun! The summer time is also a good time to get in some educational activities with your youngster. Who said they couldn’t be the same fun activity? Below is a great post from The Tutoring Center, Dubai to help get you started.

Reading Picnic

It’s no surprise that many students don’t like reading. However, it isn’t because they don’t like the task; it usually has more has to do with their teachers dictating what they read. Create a more positive connection to reading with a reading picnic. Start by packing everything you need to enjoy a picnic day at your favorite park. On your way, stop in at a local bookstore and allow your child to choose a book they would like to read – absolutely anything they would like. Once they have chosen a book, be sure to buy two. After you have both enjoyed some games and enjoyed the play equipment, sit down and start reading your books. However, don’t just read until you both get tired. Instead, read chapter by chapter, taking a break in between to have a leisurely chat. You can discuss the book so far, which of your characters are your favorites, and where the story is going. You can even make little wagers about what you think will happen during the next chapter with the winner being rewarded with a small treat. Not only is this a fun activity which helps your student build a positive connection with reading, it also allows you the opportunity to identify any learning challenges your child may be struggling with.

Reading Tutoring Can Help

If you notice that your student experiences problems while reading, remember that reading tutoring can help. Speak with a learning professional today at The Tutoring Center, Dubai by calling (+971) 04 558 6211 to book your free diagnostic assessment and to learn more about how reading tutoring can help improve your student’s reading level.


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