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How to Help Your Student Get a Good Night Sleep

Every parent is aware of just how important it is for children to get their sleep. From growing their body to growing their brain, sleep does a lot for growing children! However, more often than not, once you close the bedroom door, your student struggles to fall asleep, often leaving them tired in the morning. If your student seems overly tired in the morning, below are some tips from The Tutoring Center of Dubai which can help them get a better night's sleep.

Consider Their Diet

If they have been performing well at school then it can be tempting to let them have a second helping of dessert. And while it’s great to use these items as an incentive to achieve at school, if the second helping is nothing more than another scoop of sugary ice cream or another bar of high-energy chocolate, then it will be working against them when it comes time to sleep. Instead, consider making your own low-sugar desserts which you can use to complement their first serving of ice cream or a bar of chocolate. Ideally, if you can find a tasty enough recipe then you can replace sugary desserts altogether!

Screen Time

If your student is anything like every other student in the world then their eyes are immediately glued to any screen which is in their vicinity. And while you likely all enjoy watching a bit of television before going to bed, the activity is actually keeping your child's brain very active. Instead of removing TV time entirely from your family's routine, limit your child’s viewing time an hour before they go to bed. Instead of this hour of TV time, swap it for reading time, even if it includes magazines or comics aimed at their interests. This will not only help them to fall asleep but it can also sharpen their reading skills in the process.

The Right Incentives

When it comes to using incentives in your home to encourage better sleeping habits in a student who resists going to sleep at night, you have plenty to choose from. For example:
  • If your student purposefully goes to bed late at night, change the wifi password and don’t provide it to them until the morning after a night of sleeping at the right time.
  • If you are quite the breakfast maker, offer to prepare your student’s favorite breakfast foods each time that they go to sleep on time.
Ideas like this which are homebound and don't cost any money can be great incentives.

Tutoring in Dubai Works

If you notice that your child’s sleeping patterns have begun to affect their grades, tutoring In Dubai can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Dubai today at (+971) 04 558 6211 to book your free diagnostic assessment where a trained learning professional can explain the benefits of tutoring in Dubai and how one-to-one tutoring can help your student improve their grades.


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