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Tips to Help Your Child Excel in an Exam

When it comes to exams, there is no denying the importance of their results. However, there is also no denying that students don’t enjoy taking them. However, this isn’t because they don’t enjoy showing off high marks, but because they aren’t confident in their test-taking abilities. If you have a talented student in your home who doesn’t bring home exam results which you know they are capable of achieving, The Tutoring Center, Dubai has the following post to offer.
  • Despite how much you know about the subject or how minor the exam is, there is no excuse for not studying. If it’s a heavily weighted exam, devote your nightly study sessions to the task. If it’s a small quiz, review your notes on the bus to school a few days before. Whatever level of study is appropriate, complete it.
  • Whether it’s a single pen, a set of markers, or something to help you draw diagrams, the night before your exam, consider what you will need and be sure to pack it into a small case. Before you leave for school the next day, double check to make sure you haven’t forgotten something.
  • Once you are in the exam room and the assessor indicates you can start, the first thing you should do is complete any identification information. While you may think this is a strange tip to provide, you would be surprised just how many students miss out on a high grade they worked hard for simply because they didn’t put their name on the exam paper.
  • With your exam paper identified, take some time to read through the questions in the exam. Do your best to identify any questions or sections which you are confident you can answer correctly and quickly before looking for questions which will provide a challenge but also provide a high score rating.
  • As the end of the exam period nears, it’s important that you set aside some time to review the answer you completed even if this means that you don’t complete the exam. Why is this important? Despite your certainty that you correctly answered each question, it only takes a a small distraction to cause you to write a 4 instead of a 7.

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