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Does Your Student Doubt the Benefits of Math?

Not all students can see how relevant and important math will be to their adult life, which can often lead to a disinterest in the subject. Tutoring Center Dubai has prepared a post with a great activity which can help your child to see the importance of learning math.

Classroom in the Kitchen

If your children spend their afternoon and evening on the couch playing video games or double tapping everything on their device screen, bring them into the kitchen to help you prepare the nightly meal and use cooking as a teaching platform.
  • Choose a recipe which uses the Metric system and ask your children to convert the items and each of the steps.
  • When using any packet items, ask your children to calculate the difference left.
  • Search for a recipe which serves too many and ask your children to reapportion the ingredients and the list.
  • Have your children perform the measuring while you cook.
This activity can provide a number of great benefits:
  1. Being taught in a practical way, the lessons you teach are more likely to be absorbed and, for this activity in particular, shows children the immediate relevance of math to an adult daily task.
  2. All math lessons, even the most basic, are important for children to learn and constantly use.
  3. This activity provides parents with the opportunity to identify any learning challenges their child is facing.

The Best Math Tutoring in Dubai

If you are concerned about your child falling behind their classmates or they struggle to learn the lessons you teach in this activity, one-to-one tutoring in Dubai can help. To find out more about how tutoring can help your child improve their grades, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at Tutoring Center Dubai by calling (+971) 04 558 6211 and speak with a professional.


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