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How to Design a Learning Space at Home

Each time a student completes their homework or reviews their notebook for an exam, the environment they are studying in can determine just how effective their learning time will be. If your youngster reads their textbooks in front of the TV or listens to their siblings play while they study for an exam, The Tutoring Center of Dubai has a post on how you can improve their study space and, in turn, the effectiveness of their study time!

Free From Distractions

Creating a distraction-free space can seem like an obviously easy task: just take away their cell phones. However, what about your vacuuming? Or how about the lawns being mowed? Or children playing in the backyard? These are all distractions which are just as powerful as a cell phone notification. Take a tour of your home and look for a space which is large enough for your student to study in but that is also removed from enough noise. For example, if you have a back laundry room with enough space for a desk and a chair, then consider designating this as a study-only area for a few hours a day. Similarly, if you have a back deck area, consider closing it off to your family and visitors during study time to give your youngster peace-and-quiet.

What Will They Need?

Remember that aerobics class you left ten years ago because you needed to get a drink of water? While it isn't’ that bad, your student feels the same each time that they leave their study space. Anything from getting a glass of water to remembering they needed colored markers is enough to break their attention and waste valuable study time. The best way to combat this is to have them make a list of the items they need for each study session throughout the week and be sure that, when creating their space, you ensure each of the items is accessible.


Lastly, consider the lighting in the space you create. If the lighting is too bright then it can make it difficult for your youngster to read their textbooks whereas dark lighting can cause them feel tired and can make them want to take a nap! Ideas like a small desk lamp or even some shutters can be all that’s needed to improve the lighting in the space.

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