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The Benefits of Group Study

But isn’t a group study session just a group of students sitting around chatting and gossiping? This is often the first thought which crosses the mind of a parent when they hear the term ‘group study session’. And while that was very true when it came to The Breakfast Club, in reality, a group study session can have great benefits for students. Below is an article from The Tutoring Center of Dubai with more information.

The Wrong Idea

It can happen to adults, and often at work. You and your colleagues are all given the same set of instructions, yet one of you will spend your time working on an assignment which wasn’t exactly what the boss requested. Now, if you think of this scenario in your child’s classroom, it isn’t an angry boss they have to answer to, it’s an unimpressed teacher who assigns a low or, even worse, a failing grade. This is all because your student understood a sentence differently or picked up on a nuance which wasn’t there. During group study sessions, each student has the chance to openly speak about what they believed the lesson to be and can have their understanding realigned with the help of their study partners. A few minutes is all it takes for a student to spend their precious homework time on the correct work instead of something way off.

Was That 1860 or 1870? Let’s Write 1875, Just to Be Sure….Right?

How many times have you tried to teach your youngster that it isn’t wise to attempt to write down everything the teacher says, word for word? Despite your best efforts, and those of the teacher themselves, students give it their best. Unfortunately, this results in nothing short of a bunch of students furiously scribbling down what they think they heard three sentences ago while simultaneously trying to listen to what the teacher is currently saying. Through a group study session, each student has the opportunity to comfortably share their notes with their study partners. While one student took special note of dates mentioned, another will have correctly written all of the reference material. Through this method, each student has the chance to correct and complete their notes, leaving all of the students involved with a full set of helpful notes to use during their own study time at home!

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