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How to Avoid Cramming for Exams

Cramming for exams is a common practice, but the reality is that it isn't very useful. Preparing for an exam takes time and dedication. Not only is cramming not an effective way to learn your material, it also creates unnecessary stress and anxiety before a test. The Tutoring Center, Dubai (The Sustainable City) has some tips to help you avoid cramming and instead create better study habits.

Break Up Your Study Time

Avoid cramming by planning ahead and making time to study well before your exam. Putting off your studying until right before the exam is tempting, but not very useful. Instead of studying for endless hours the days before an important test, break down your study time into smaller sessions over a longer period of time. If you start studying earlier, you'll feel less rushed and pressured. If you're more relaxed as you study, you'll do better at learning the material instead of just memorizing it.

Join a Study Group

Joining a study group will help you keep up with studying and avoid cramming. If you commit to a study group you are more likely to do your studying instead of putting it off. You will also be able to practice with and learn from the people in your group. It's important that you avoid creating study groups with your friends. You run the risk of having your study group turn into a socializing session instead of a study session.

Rewrite Your Notes

Rewriting the notes you took in class is a great way to study your material. Usually, when you take notes in class they are a bit rushed and you may not have even paid attention to what you wrote down. Rewriting them will help you keep them better organized and will force you to take the time to understand what you wrote down. Keep in mind that handwriting things, as opposed to typing them, helps you remember things better.

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