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Having a good memory is a big plus when it comes to being successful at school. However, the ones who are able to memorize new concepts easily are few. For those who have a bit of a challenging time, there are mnemonic devices, which are methods that can help you remember certain information (be it in a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic form). There are tons of options out there, but in this post The Tutoring Center, Dubai UAE (The Sustainable City) will show you the most common ones.

How to Study With Mnemonic Devices


Making up an easy, short, logical story with the information they need to memorize may make the learning experience go a lot smoother! For example, to learn the year in which Independence was declared in the US (1776), you can make up a short story about 1 man who had 7 year-old twins and a 6 year-old son.


For this technique, all your child needs to do is take the first letter of each word s/he needs to learn, and form a new phrase with it! If s/he want to learn about the water cycle (Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation), you can say “Every Cat Purrs”.


Associate the pieces of information to each other so you don’t forget any of it! For instance, to remember that Alexander Graham Bell is credited with the invention of the telephone, you just need to think that “bells ring, like telephones”.

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