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Learning and memorization are not exactly the same thing, however, they are both important in all areas of our lives and even more so in academic areas. This is why today we want to further discuss the differences between the two and the importance of each one. We will also mention some...


How to cope with chronic homework problems

When your child consistently fails to complete homework assignments, you need to step in. Children should be able to complete assignments independently. If they seem to require more help from you than you think is reasonable, it’s time to schedule an...

How to Give Your Child a Headstart in Math

We previously discussed a few of the reasons why math may seem to be one of the trickier subjects for students and how to eliminate some of these struggles. However, because math is an interesting and intricate subject, we feel the need to...
Right now students are heading back to school for the second term. Your child's second semester is not only the continuation of first semester.  It also sets the foundation for next year.  The Tutoring Center Dubai wants to help you make the second semester the...

How Tutoring Helps Improve Math Skills in Dubai

Contrary to what many believe, everyone and anyone can be good at math, it just requires the right guidance and hard work in order to improve and feel comfortable with the subject. That is why at The Tutoring Center in Dubai we want to...

For Best Results Get Your Child Tutoring Help Early On

When it comes to learning, it is never too early or too late to ask for help, but the sooner the better. If your child is struggling in any areas or even if they are starting to loose interest in school work, now is the time to get...

Tutoring in Dubai Helps Students Obtain Better Learning Skills

Learning is a skill that needs to be learned and developed. Struggling in school subjects or in grasping certain concepts does not mean a child is unable to learn, it just means that they have not developed the right skills that enable...

Factors in a Classroom That Can Obstruct Learning

Tutoring can help your child succeed by allow them to learn in a more unique manner,  practice what they learn in school and improve on it greatly. Today at the Tutoring Center in Dubai we want to talk about...

Improving Your Child's Vocabulary and Spelling

Vocabulary and spelling are a very important part of your child's education. Throughout your child's academic experience, vocabulary and spelling will be a critical aspect. During elementary school, your child may have to compile vocabulary lists from...

How to Identify Learning Styles

One of the challenges of being an educator is knowing how to identify and properly appeal to each student's particular learning style.  Not all students are created equal--what works perfectly for one may not resonate at all with another.  In order...


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