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Having a good memory is a big plus when it comes to being successful at school. However, the ones who are able to memorize new concepts easily are few. For those who have a bit of a challenging time, there are mnemonic devices, which are methods that can help you remember certain information (be...

Helping Your Student Prepare for the New Year

Any student of a grade can be affected by the summer learning slide, resulting in these children returning to school for the new year unprepared for the lessons ahead. To help you understand more, Tutoring Center Dubai has a great post on the topic.



If your child returned home with a report card filled with teacher’s comments and lower-than-expected grades, The Tutoring Center,  Dubai UAE has prepared a great post which aims to help.

A Teacher’s Comments

Teachers are in the best position to identify any learning challenges and struggles a...

Does Your Student Doubt the Benefits of Math?

Not all students can see how relevant and important math will be to their adult life, which can often lead to a disinterest in the subject. Tutoring Center Dubai has prepared a post with a great activity which can help your child to see the...

Help Your Child With Reading

A child’s reading level can determine both their academic and career opportunities. Because of this, it’s important for all students to improve their reading level. If you are looking for ways to help your child with their reading at home, The Tutoring Center,...

It’s reasonable to say that students can become intimidated by exams, leading to nerves and poor results. The Tutoring Center, Dubai knows just how important exams are, and has prepared some tips for parents to share with their children to help them prepare for and do well on an exam.



A Lesson in Cleaning

If you enlist your children’s help to complete chores around your home, below is a great post from The Tutoring Center, Dubai about how you can include small lessons in their tasks.

It All Starts With Your Plan

More often than not, the first time that your children will see...

Does Your Child's Report Card Show Low Grades?

If you have received your child's first report card for the school year and feel like the grades should have been higher, below is a post from  The Tutoring Center Dubai which can help.

Your Initial Reaction

The first thing which any parent is going...

Make Some Time to Check in on Your Child's Goals

Now is the perfect time for parents to make some time to sit down with their children and check in on the progress being made to achieve the goals they set at the beginning of the school year. Below is a great article from The The Tutoring...

Planning for a Productive Parent-Teacher Meeting

Now that students have had their opportunities to learn about what the new school year has in store and their new teachers, it’s time for parents to have a similar opportunity. To help you prepare for a parent-teacher meeting and get the most out...


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