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To reach academic success, the student needs to set goals constantly and monitor their improvement. It's not enough to do it at the beginning or near the end of a school term.  Every day is an opportunity to do an assignment and to ask themselves what they want to achieve and learn each...

If you're struggling with your studies, keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Dubai, and you'll discover more than one approach to benefit from this habit and overcome your academic challenges!

Reading Comprehension

Reading correctly and paying attention are essential factors to...

There are many study techniques and learning tools for achieving meaningful knowledge—however, few students master comprehension and assimilation of what's being taught in class. Many students opt for last-minute memorization, which means that the results are not always what they expected....

Online learning offers many advantages in addition to being an efficient, fast, and reliable method, such as:
  • Ease of access
  • Flexibility in schedule
  • Constant communication
  • Moderation of learning times
However, it requires certain skills on the student's part to successfully complete a...

A Tailored Approach

Tutoring provides an individual space for the student to tackle the academic problems and roadblocks challenging their learning, etc. and seek another path, which is proposed by the tutor, to lead the student to advance in their education, satisfying their needs to learn,...

The Advantages of Reading

Reading entertains and boosts imagination. One of the greatest benefits of reading is that it helps to develop children’s creativity because it allows them to travel, discover new worlds, and feel part of the texts they read without leaving home.

Here Are Some Tips to...


Encourage Positive Perspectives

Make a board to establish a point system for positive, negative, and in-process attitudes and draw a circle in different colors for each one. Place the board on the fridge or somewhere visible to the whole family and during weekends, ass up the accumulated points,...

It's Time To Take Action

Environmental awareness is more relevant than ever, people cannot forget the devastating effects that climate change is having on the environment such as the decline of biodiversity; with pollution affecting the reproduction and survival of many species. Also,...

Parents already know the advantages that art can give to children, but it can come in handy during quarantine if you're looking for healthy entertainment. Keep reading this post by The Tutoring Center, Dubai to learn more!

Provide Art Supplies

You can leave material for them to draw or paint in...

Be Patient

Normally, children are feeling more sensitive, upset or vulnerable under confinement, so parents must aware of any odd signs to detect changes in their child's mood or behavior.  Also, parents have to let them know that this situation has an expiration date and although there are many...


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